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Standing Out! The Yellow Suit Method.

Have you ever heard of the yellow suit method?

Consider this example...

When you think of any event or conference that you have gone to, Can you recall any specific details or anything notable about the speaker? Was there anything memorable that kept you talking about it the next day?

Speakers, although they have varying presentation styles and different knowledge to share, they can still easily blend into our memory along with all the others we've seen. Even if we really enjoyed the event or speaker, they can slip away as time goes on.

Now, consider an event with a speaker who arrives in a bright yellow suit and shoes. Which of course, gets your attention. The presentation is engaging and their presence captivating. They create curiosity and interest and even if you missed the event, there's something notable about the event you missed. There will be chatter about why he wore the suit, where he got it, why and more that night and the next day.

The example in the story of course is about a yellow suit, but what's more important is that you find your own yellow suit for each event you organise or speak at.

How is your event?

How are you going to stand out from the rest?

Will you captivate, create curiosity and intrigue the audience? How?

What sets you apart from everyone else and makes you memorable.

What's your yellow suit?

For more great tips on how to make your next event extraordinary, check out our blog posts.

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