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Maximise Expo Traffic with VR and Interactive Technologies at Trade Shows

Updated: May 14

Conferences, trade shows and exhibitions are incredible opportunities for businesses to showcase their products, connect with potential clients, and strengthen brand awareness.

However, with numerous competitors in the same space, attracting attendees to your booth and keeping them engaged can be a considerable challenge. To differentiate themselves and capture the interest of the crowd, companies are increasingly turning to innovative solutions like interactive technologies, including VR, PC, and iPad games, which have proven to significantly enhance visitor engagement and booth traffic.

Before diving into the specifics of interactive technologies, it’s important to understand why engagement at your booth is so crucial. The primary goal of exhibiting at a trade show is not just to make a visual impression but to create meaningful interactions that lead to business opportunities. Engagement helps in:

·       Educating potential customers about your products or services.

·       Building stronger, more personal relationships with prospects.

·       Generating leads through interactive experiences.

·       Leaving a memorable impact that distinguishes you from competitors.

Extraordinary Events has been developing interactive technology games such as VR, PC, and iPad games into exhibition booths, a strategy that is proving to be very successful.

Here’s how these technologies can transform your trade show experience:

1.    Immersive and Memorable Experiences: Interactive technologies offer incredibly immersive ways for attendees to engage with your products or services. From virtual tours of facilities to hands-on demonstrations of products, these tools can transport users to worlds and scenarios that leave lasting impressions.

2.    Increased Booth Time: The novelty and fun factor of interactive games ensure that attendees spend more time at your booth. This extra time is not just about enjoyment but gives your team ample opportunity to engage directly with attendees, fostering better relationships and providing deeper product insights.

3.    Attracts Attention: Interactive setups, especially VR, are visually appealing and stand out in a crowded expo hall. This draws the curiosity of attendees, pulling in foot traffic to your booth. As visitors see others engaged in interactive experiences, their interest is piqued, creating a natural draw.

4.    Positive Brand Connection: The enjoyment derived from interactive experiences leads to positive brand associations. Attendees are likely to remember your brand as innovative, fun, and customer-focused, attributes that enhance brand recall and favourability.

5.    Social Media Amplification: Participants often share their unique interactive experiences on social media, providing additional exposure for your brand. This organic amplification extends the reach of your brand beyond the confines of the exhibition hall, promoting your presence and capabilities to a broader audience.

6.    Showcase Products/Services: Interactive technologies allow you to demonstrate and highlight features of your products in ways that traditional presentations cannot. Attendees can interact with your product within a controlled environment, which can be tailored to emphasise specific features or benefits.

Understanding that each business has unique needs, Extraordinary Events specialises in custom-designing interactive games that align perfectly with your brand’s message and exhibition goals. Whether it's a simple interactive quiz on an iPad or an elaborate VR product simulation, these tailored solutions are designed to create an impact, drawing attendees in and leaving a positive, lasting impression.

Interactive Game Budget: interactive games can be affordable. We work with a variety of budgets at various levels.


Integrating interactive technologies into your exhibition strategy not only sets you apart from competitors but also significantly enhances the overall attendee experience. By creating engaging, memorable, and shareable experiences, you not only increase your booth traffic but also amplify your brand's impact at the event and beyond. Ready to revolutionise your next trade show experience? Consider how technologies like VR, PC, and iPad games can play a pivotal role in your exhibition success.

For more great tips on how to make your next event extraordinary, check out our other blog posts.

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