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Going forward, Juuce Rebrand
Event Brief

Juuce Haircare enlisted the expertise of Extraordinary Events to reveal their new improved haircare collection, introducing fresh packaging aesthetics and formulations. The target audience for this launch series encompassed retailers and hairdressers. It was imperative to present Juuce as "Haircare for Everyone" and the embodiment of environmental responsibility, characterised by carbon neutrality and the utilisation of 100% recycled Australian land waste plastic. As a certified B Corporation, Juuce upholds a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and the creation of vegan-friendly products.

In addition to their environmental initiatives, Juuce sought to foster a sense of community among hairdressers, integrating them as valued members of the Juuce family business. Cultivating strong relationships with hairdressers is a cornerstone of Juuce's ethos.

The Results

We orchestrated a series of launches in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, carefully selecting venues that aligned with the brand's vision. Guests were immersed in the new product range, experiencing it firsthand through sight, touch, and smell. To enhance the experience, we served two signature cocktail drinks, the Kinky Cosmo and Kaktis Blue Lagoon, inspired by Juuce hair products.

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed by two vibrant individuals adorned in neon colours, setting the energetic tone for the event. They eagerly posed for photos with guests, providing opportunities for social media sharing. Amidst networking and reconnecting with industry friends, the atmosphere resembled more of a casual gathering among friends than a formal launch event.

The relaxed setting provided distributors with ample opportunities to engage with clients and discuss products with fellow hairdressers. Additionally, guests could conveniently place orders on the spot, further enhancing the efficiency of the event.

To add a playful touch, we decorated the mirrors in the bathrooms with chalk hashtags, URLs, and cute drawings, encouraging guests to interact with the brand even in moments of "downtime".

Furthermore, guests had a blast with a 360 photo booth, capturing fun and memorable moments to cherish long after the event concluded.

The outcome surpassed expectations, leaving Juuce thrilled by the enthusiastic response from guests. Their enjoyment of the event, coupled with their eagerness to mingle and place orders, showcased the success of the launch. Juuce couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

Thank you, Extraordinary Events. We couldn't have been happier with the results.

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