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Going it alone is hard...Doing it together is easy!


Life is a journey and as we go through our journey, we want to wake up every morning feeling inspired by the career we have chosen and the work we do.

I want to be part of the global events industry's journey, helping to develop the industry and those in it. That's why we developed the 7StEMM program.


In this 7-module online program, you'll discover our game-changing formula, which we have used to organise hundreds of events with hundreds and thousands of attendees. 


This program is the no-fluff approach giving you the exact knowledge you need to be successful in the industry.

When we started in the events industry some 20+ years ago, clients were very much focused on the design of their event including the design and décor of the table, and the overall look of the event.

Less or little attention was given by clients to the complex planning and management involved in organising a large scale corporate or social event.

To produce a successful event, a comprehensive project plan needs to be developed and implemented in accordance with a formal and structured event methodology. Unfortunately, a simple “Shopping or To-Do List” of the tasks you remember from organising past events increases the risk of failure of your events.

Our 7StEMM program provides you with the framework, tools and template documents to enable you to organise your events from a place of strength rather than a place of “hit and miss”, weakness and simply not knowing.

Together with our support, we know that our program will help you take your events to a whole other level.

So, if you wake up every morning excited by the “Buzz” of the events industry and you’re up for the journey, we will be here to help guide you through our program, step-by-step as you learn to plan, design and manage your events.


Shall we?

By Extraordinary Events

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Here's What They're Saying About The Program...

If you're considering ANY event course, I can highly recommend 7StEMM it is easy to follow and gave me the knowledge and confidence to organise events. Highly recommend!  offers a clearly defined approach to managing and delivering events. It's been really helpful!

Jo M

Event Manager

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Who's This Course For?

Ideal for Event Managers, Event Coordinators and Event Team Members involved in the planning, production and management of events who want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Suitable for entry-level and experienced event project managers and practitioners.


I'm still studying event management, will this program be helpful?

Yes, it most definitely will be. The program will support the knowledge you learn at University or College.

I’m a total newbie and don’t have any event experience yet. Will the Program work for me?

Extraordinary Events’ 7 Steps to Event Mastery Program is ideal if you’re just starting out. It will train you to think like a professional event manager and save you from making many costly mistakes. Our program “fills the gap” between what you study at university or college and what you need to know to begin organising events.

I’ve been organising events for a while as an event co-ordinator and would now like to become an event manager, is the Program suitable for me?

Absolutely, event management can be stressful and our structured approach will help you keep on top of what’s most important, giving you the confidence to manage large scale projects.

How much time do I need to set aside each week?

Each module is around 1 hour’s duration, some will run longer and others will be shorter. You can make your way through them at your own pace. There is no homework or tests to worry about.

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Nicole?


Yes, you will get access to Nicole! As this program is new, we really want your feedback, so let’s make this a two-way street! Your success is our success!

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course! 

Absolutely!! You'll have a certificate and the confidence to perform well in your role as an event manager.


Start Your Journey

Up-Skill Your Knowledge

The 7StEMM e-Learning program teaches you how to organise any type of event or conference.

This legendary experience is here to help you become the best "Event Manager", giving you the information and resources you need saving you thousands of hours in developing and learning. So you can become a super event manager!

My proven methodology will get you on the right track with the only skills that matter!

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As an Event Manager, we thrive on the "buzz" of organising events. Even though the work can be demanding and pressurising at times, we continue to challenge ourselves every day and break down barriers to create seamless events for our clients.

So, what makes a great Event Manager, amongst other important attributes, having :

  • A structured way of working, a methodology, repeatable processes, tools and techniques.

  • Superior organisational & project management skills! This can be the difference between an ordinary event and an extraordinary event. It can be the difference between an event going off “without a hitch” and one where you are “chasing your tail” at every turn.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and being able to lead a team.

  • Good time management skills and an ability to multi-task.

  • A keen eye for detail…after all, “the devil's always in the detail”.

  • A creative flair and inclination for innovation…knowing how to do things differently and add value to your client.

  • Large amounts of drive, energy and enthusiasm for delivering high-quality events.

It’s important to note, that managing a large conference is vastly different to organising a seminar, workshop or gala event. A conference, Hybrid and Virtual is an entirely different beast. It’s time to learn how to play the big game and take your skillset to the next level.