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Find out What's Happening in the Events Industry, and Start Planning Killer Events Now!

Due to the pandemic so much has changed. That doesn't mean the purpose of events have changed. It is still an environment for individuals to come together to learn, network, and of course have fun! At the same time, due to people going online over the last few years, it has changed the game for events. Meaning, how we designed events in the past isn’t going to cut it in today's world.

Firstly, with the options to have an online event or in-person or a combination of both being Hybrid, gives attendees the opportunity to choose how they would like to attend your event. That being said, if you are looking to host a virtual or hybrid event then choosing the right technology partner is extremely important. However, before you can do that you need to give some serious thought to your event design and how you would like to interact with your attendees. Attendees don’t want to sit in front of their computers and listen to people talk for hours upon hours. Just as an in-person event, attendees want to be engaged, be interactive, and ultimately have a voice. With hybrid events advancing, there are many ways that events can create that interactive element, such as: Panel discussions and Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, hands on demonstrations, interactive games, and the ability to interact with speakers with an open dialogue.

Secondly, as companies move their virtual events to either in-person or hybrid, we are going to see lots of micro-events with higher price tickets with a strong focus towards a personal experience. We will also see a lot more weekend retreats and networking functions, but not as you remember them. It won’t just be an event with food and drinks and people networking, but they will be much more interesting and with personal touches, entertainment that is thought-provoking.

Overall, we will see a lot more events being created in order to engage attendees and will bring a lot more interactive elements in order for attendees to showcase their voices.

That being said, if you’re starting out in the event industry or you’re a professional who still can’t adapt to hybrid events, you should check out our 7StEMM program. We provide the knowledge you need in order to organize a successful event-whether in-person or hybrid- so that you feel in control with every step of the planning process!

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